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sorry, i want to do it to

how old are you?15
how tall are you?6'1''

how old where you when you first masturbated?10 or 11 i think.
where did you find out about masturbation?overhearing 7th graders
how much time do you devote yourself to it a week? 2 times a day.
do you use pornography?yes, a lot usually...
have you ever been caught?yes...
-by who?dont know.
--what did they do?told me to stop and walked away...
---after they left, did you continue?yes, of course
where is the strangest place you've done it in? a park.

have you ever had sex of any kind?no
-what kind was it?...
--how old where you?...
---was it good? or do you regret it?...
have you ever though of a friend sexually?YES
would you let a male friend suck you?no
-and finish it?no
--would you do the same to him?no
would you let a female friend suck you?YES
-and finish it?YES
--would you do the same to her?MAYBE

have you ever been attracted to the same sex?no... i think.
have you ever masturbated to the same sex?yes, once...
if you don't, would you?

have you ever gotten touchy with friends?soft of
-was it good? or did it ruin your friendship?we just joked around
--would you do it again?HELL YEAH
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