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Originally Posted by Blackness_chic View Post
I lay there sobbing and shaking,
Hopefully someone is waking,
Do they hear me cry and scream?
Or do they think it's just a dream?
I need someone to hear,
Cuz this guy is to near,
Then he climed into bed,
the fears were running through my head,
As he got on top,
I yelled at him to STOP,
I tried to get away,
He pinned me down and made me stay,
As i felt him force it in,
I knew there was no chance for me to win,
As I felt the pain down there,
I knew from then he didn't care,
He finished what he started,
our bodies then become departed,
For i wished it was only a dream
Because i was only 16.
Wow sweetie what a beautiful poem, but it needs some touch ups, are you planning on making it a song?
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