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Originally Posted by Brandonb2012 View Post
yea see your both still young. Do something before its to late.
Sounds like a point of perspective to me. If Marijuana appears to be causing major problems in his life, such as...
1. Separation from family
2. Dropping grades
3. Trouble with the law

THEN do I suggest you try to stop him. Otherwise, he's not hurting anybody. Is he? I'm no longer a marijuana user, because it makes people lazy and it makes people act like assholes. If your cousin is really changing, then tell him how you feel. And don't let him try to get you into it; If you want to try drugs, don't do them when you're still a minor (when you've got a lot to lose).

Also, Serial-Thrilla is quite right: using marijuana at such a young age will more than likely lead to hard drug abuse in later years. And IAMSAM, I'm a drug user, too. Are you going to say that I haven't made any valid points in my post because IM a drug user, too? You just have NO clue about drugs except what your D.A.R.E officer told you. I'd appreciate if you kept your malformed opinions to yourself.

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