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Default Re: how am i suppose to get over him

You express yourself really well, Jane. I know what you're saying here.

I think there are alot of reasons why relationships don't click, and in the absence of any real info from the other person, it's easy to conclude it must ahve been something about you. But that really might not be true, you don't have enough info to conclude that, I think it speaks more to your own insecurity. Yuck.

I think it might be best to not dwell on the 'Why' it didn't work, but rather that you were able to develop feelings for someone that you initially didn't think you could. That's an important experience, the idea that everyone might have something more to offer than what you predict at first glance. This opens the pool of available guys immensely, which means that your chances of finding someone is much greater.

I'm sorry it didn't work out with him (his loss!), but you learned something really important here that was worth it.
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