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Default I could Use Some Help Here!

I really need some help here. I am going to have a debate with youtubes "VenomFangX", and I would like some help. Feel free to move this to a diff. section, If this is the wrong section. But, anyway, here are VenomFangX's creationist videos if you arent familiar with them.
Satan Invented Evolution part 1
Satan Invented Evolution part 2
Satan Invented Evolution part 3
Satan Invented Evolution Part 4
Satan Invented Evolution Part 5
Satan Invented Evolution Part 6
There are those, now here is the opposing Athiest view, which I am arguing for. BTW, The AmazingAthiest, the one who made the rebuttal videos, uses excessive swearing, so, dont watch if you cant handle a few curse words.
VenomFangX Is A Stupid Creationist Part 1
VenomFangX Is A Stupid Creationist Part 2
VenomFangX Is A Stupid Creationist Part 3
VenomFangX Is A Stupid Creationist Part 4
That is as far as the rebuttals go. Can I get some help for my debate against the Creationist Please? Thank You All Very Much!

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