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Default Re: Friends Screwing Up My Chances

My advice would be to slowly distance yourself from this group. They don't seem to take anything seriously at all. I know that we all have to take somethings with a pinch of salt but you can't go through life playing everything down. You have admitted to not sharing their enthuisiasm for the type of reckless behaviour they exhibit. So I am wondering, what it is that makes you feel you have to stick with them?

I know only too well the feeling that you can't afford to lose your current friends despite your indifference or dislike towards them and/or their actions. But to be quite honest, you don't need it. You don't have to hang out with people you don't want to. But, as Jane said, little ice breakers are all you really need to start a conversation with someone. Once you have got that first sentence out, the rest should come easily. It is a big and scary step to take. Once you have made some new friends, however, you will find school and your social life much better.

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