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Default Re: Friends Screwing Up My Chances

its not too hard to make friends. just start talking to people you sit by. a good way to start is to comment on the class youre in. "ugh this class goes by so slow.", "did you do the homework? what did you get for number__? how did you get that?", "the teacher's voice makes me sleepy." after you break the ice, you can kinda tell by how they react whether they seem friendly.

if they reacted kinda shy, move onto a school related question, but still slightly more personal. "arent you in my other class? do you like the teacher? what grade do you have in there?" "what grade do you have in here?" "are you going to that volleyball game tomorrow?" "you trying out for the talent show?" and if they still act shy, like they're not interested in talking, then give up on talking to them.

if they react friendly with a real smile, not a fake one out of politeness, then next class you can ask them something like, "are you gonna go see (name of movie) when it comes out?" "so justin timberlake says he's the new prince. what do you think of that?" "have you seen the new fall out boy music video? its so awsome." try to talk about positive things because its better to talk about what you like than don't like because positive people are more fun. don't tell a joke unless they're 100% guaranteed to laugh.

at this point they'll probably start making conversations with you. then you get to know eachother better and you can start hanging out with them. its not fun to have friends you dont like. just be outgoing and you'll make friends. if you need confidence, just remember that they have no reason not to want to be your friend if they dont know you. and almost everyone likes meeting new people. just be chill, yet outgoing and talk to people.
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