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Default Re: Friends Screwing Up My Chances

Where do you live that guys bring in bullets and molotovs? Baghdad? That's ridiculous, any group of guys who shows that kind of wacko, impaired judgement isn't worth hanging out with, IMHO, and maybe the girls are right here by banning all of you. You want to be a part of that group? What's in it for you?

Peer pressure is very powerful, sure, but so is good judgement and self confidence. You seem to have both, but are unwiling to risk demonstrating them for fear of rejection. Frankly, i'm not sure why, because it addition to being real jerks, these guys don't seem like much fun.

If you're not ready to throw these guys under the bus (figuratively speaking), then maybe you could distance yourself a bit by not spending quite as much time with them, finding others to hang with (forget the shyness, join some clubs, afters, extra cirriculars), or being alone more. You might find that you're far more approachable (by the girls as well as the normal guys) when you're by yourself, anyway. And you might feel better about yourself, too.
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