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Well im 14 years old, my penis is like 3.5-4 inches when hard but when its soft it can get SOOOOO small like an really worried i mean i know im only 14 but i already have everything, grown in height, armpit hair, cum, pubic hair EVERYTHING! except penis growth. now i have like this like thin piece of skin on my foreskin thats like attached to the head (not the one at the bottom i got like another one on my left side) im thinking of getting this removed cause my head gets slanted to the left when im hard. also im thinking of ordering extenze over the internet just the 1 week trial n then cancel it. idk if i might get caught if my dad checks the mail first but idc i want my penis to grow. im not saying that ive seen my friends penis but sometimes after the pool for example we're all in the bathroom with underwear on and take a shower one at a time n i can see that they have normal sized penis like their flacid penis is as big as my penis when its hard. this is really bothering me cause having a small penis really brings my confidence down n doesnt help when im tryign to meet new ppl or hook up wit girls. plz help!

ok but u didnt read the other part. ok now read carefully. u know how theres the febrellum or sumthing like that which is like the thing that connects the bottom part of ur head to a part of the foreskin? well that normal for me but then i have this other "skin bridge" which is like a think piece of skin that connects the left side of my head to another part of the foreskin. it doesnt hurt but it does make my head VERY crooked n it can hurt after masturbating alot. im thinking about getting this removed but how do u think i should tell me parents?
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