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Default Re: Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

White programming? Well there is Fuse TV where the music is mostly dedicated to rock, alternative, punk, hardcore, emo, and indie music. Are there many black rock stars? Yeah I don't think so. There's also CMT TV that's dedicated to country music that is dominated by whites.

There's also non-black channels that are based off culture that's allowed like many are Spanish language music channels that embraces Latin American culture.

Sure there could be a German, Irish, Canadian, Scottish, or any other culture that's predominately white but no one is interested and in order for a channel to survive there needs to be viewers and there isn't a demand for such a channel.

And from my understanding BET played Eminem, a white rapper on their channel because he may not have fit in to the typical race audience he did fit in by having the talents and being able to perform what is mostly done by black people.
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