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Default Re: Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

I think racism in itself is becoming more of an unacceptable thing not becoming more acceptable. Racism isn't as big of a problem when it was years ago and I see it decreasing.

I don't think racism between "black against whites" isn't becoming acceptable by the general population. It is only acceptable with those with the same view point obviously but those numbers aren't that big.

About the double standard thing. Yes, some black people do use it and it is unacceptable if whites use it. Those words in question shouldn't be used by whites nor blacks but it is anyway. I don't see what's to be gained if white people could say it other than using a word that can be offensive and hurtful to others. So I really don't care if they "can use it" but people with lighter skin "can't" because it's not really a word to be proud of using.

Now to the black programming, stations, and programs. Yes they do exist but they were originally created because blacks and whites couldn't mix so they created their own. Now they continue to exist and be created but I don't see them as racist unless they supported opposition to people with lighter skin.

The main reason why you see more themes and issues based on race with black people than white people because sociologically speaking, minorities are more than likely to view issues based on race and inequality than whites. Whites are more than likely to view the world as from success, personal responsibility, and that everyone has an equal chance at life. I learned that in my sociology class this year. I see this truth with my family. In my mom side there are members of black and Mexican descent that are lower middle class and a lot of them have that viewpoint of race and inequalities... and when I visit my dad's side which are primarily white they view the world like I said as equality, personal responsibility, and success.

It's just different group have different perspectives on society and life but I think that as time goes on race will continue to become of less importance to others and more people will start looking at people as people, not by the tone of their skin. Of course not everyone in this group thinks that way but I'm just generalizing.

Historically speaking the issue of racism and black civil rights didn't happen all that long ago so in some ways we're still moving on from that. As time goes on I think race will become of less importance and pretty much reduce a lot of racial tension that still exists.

I've lived in 3 states all over the country and race in high school really hasn't been much of an issue and I think it's bound to improve.

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