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Post Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

Here goes! I have got the impression here in the US, that most white racism has been quashed. All thats left is small groups of KKK and Skinheads, and nobody really pays attention to them anyway. There are no all-white tv stations, and everyone is basically equal. So, here comes my question. Is black against white racism becoming a common, acceptable thing? If a white student said something racist in a school, there would be serious consequences, and they would be labeled a racist piece of sh*t. But everyday, in the classroom, in music, and out on the streets I hear blacks making comments that are just as racist as ni**er. There is all-black programming, and all-black radio stations. Such things are unheard of in the white community, and they would quickly be taken down, and labeled racist. This really bothers me, and I feel that for true equality to come to the United States, both sides, Black & White, should either be allowed to be as racist as they want, or not at all. What are everyones thoughts on this?
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