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Question Is this OCD related

Hi, been so long since I've been on this site lol, anyway, to the point.

This is the first time I have been on the OCD forum and I've been reading about what people do, most of them I accually do, I did it since I was a child and I still do it now, like sometimes: I lay awake in bed and talk to myself, if I screw up on whatever I'm talking about I will HAVE to start again (sometimes it will take hours) or I will end up going crazy. Another one is I will be doing something then I would just get this terrible urge to get the thumb of both my hands, tap my index, middle, one after that (don't know what its called) and my little finger on both hands with my thumb... 5 times... Index to little back to index. 5 Times. I also have a bit of trouble with when I forget what something's called (example - the finger issue) or if I can't spell something or my punctuation is wrong I will flip.

Thanks anyway and please tell me what you think.

Much appreciated ~ Jay
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