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Default Re: Hmm im scared, lol

I think you're too young at 14, too, but, hey, who am I? Besides, it sounds really moralistic and stuff, and who'd want to listen to that?

Eventhough i do have my own opinion here, I'm also listening to you. Are you? Go back and re read what you've said here and think about it. What kind of experience do you think you're likely to have with all that anxiety and worry you have at your size and performance? Probably not a very good one. And you seem to know that. So, listening to just you here, i'd say that you know you're not ready for this, either. And that's ok, even if others in your grade say they're doing it.

Everyone on the planet with any hormones running thru their veins wants to have sex. But that's not enough of a reason to actually do it when it becomes available. It's not the availability of the sex that should determine if you do it, it's your feelings about it. About her, and yourself. Go back and read what you've said.

Sex will always be there, there will be other opportunities.
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