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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Well of course our politicians have religious views. That is their first amendment right to practice and that isn't a problem.

If a politician has a certain view and it happens to be based on a religious value, that's doesn't mean it's a bad thing as long as it's the will of the people. If a politician does something and uses religion as a reason and the people disagree, they simply vote him or her out of office at next election. That's the beauty of a democracy. Not to mention most candidates express their stances and beliefs beforehand so the people know what to expect when voting for someone.

The United States is not a typical theocracy. Voting, bills, elections, will of people, etc are what drive this country not religion alone. When making laws the Bible isn't used as an absolute reference. If this country was a theocracy we wouldn't have gay marriage allowed in some states, abortions, divorces, and highly censored television to name a few. None of that is here.

In fact the United States is probably one of the best countries to be free to practice whatever religion you want. Of course our separation of church and state isn't perfect but it is much better than other countries and I think we are pretty free to enjoy a lot of rights that would be considered banned in real theocracies.

Granted there are a few religious themes in our pledge of allegiances and currencies but by removing it what difference does it make? It's more there for symbolic and historical reasons rather than conversion. Replacing the entire currency would be a waste and it would make no difference on your everyday life or freedom.

A society lead with atheist principles would be a bias itself and infringe the rights that the religious people have. Allowing all opinions are what make a true democracy. It's not your right to say what belief system should the USA should be based on because we're all equal and you being an atheist isn't more right than a fundamentalist Christian.

You're forgetting that freedom of religion does not mean restriction of expression of religious beliefs because it goes right against what the principle is about. If you're religious it is your right to let it influence your decisions as much as it is your right to not let it influence your decisions - both are okay as long as they do not infringe the rights of others.

You go, girl! lol
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