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Default Re: Hmm im scared, lol

Yeah, you shouldn't have sex at 14 (although I really want it too and I'm 14), you should at least prove you're mature enough, and you should do it with a girl that you're in a relationship with and a girl you really like, the girl that may seem perfect to you. And you should've gone out with her with quite awhile before having sex. You have to prove to yourself that you're ready for it. Sex is a way of showing someone you really love them, and although the majority of society doesn't accept this, its true, you shouldn't have sex with someone unless you truly love them, you shouldn't just have sex for the sake of having sex. I mean, as I said I'm 14, and I know a girl who's 15 who I could have sex with, and although she really isn't that hot to begin with, I don't really like her, and its not like I'm going out with her, so, I'm going to wait for the perfect girl, no matter how long that takes before I have sex, I hope.. My friends with probably pressure me to lose my virginity before I turn 16, but that doesn't mean you should do the same. Wait for the perfect girl, and don't forget about the consequences that Ant brought up, by the way, Ant, hell, I'll give you rep, you deserve it.

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