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Unhappy Friends Screwing Up My Chances

My friends have gone from being shitty friends to great friends, but they still like to make fools of themselves and they haven't matured yet. I'm way more mature than them, but I join in when they act like idiots, and girls stay away from my friends, thus they stay away from me. This one girl who I think likes me seems to really dislike my friends. I'm low on friends and I can't lose the friends I have right now, but in reality I would probably get rid of all my friends for a girlfriend. I'm pretty shy, I mean, I'll talk to anyone (guy or girl) if they start talking to me, but I SUCK at starting a conversation, even with my own friends. I don't have the guts to talk to girls unless they start talking to me, and I just can't handle anything right now. Only one of my friends has a girlfriend, and only one other has had a girlfriend (I'm a freshman), and I know I can't get new friends, b/c I can't kill the image I've created. I'm acting like someone I'm not just to fit in with my friends, and the way myself and my friends act, seem to deter girls. I try to not act stupid, but then my friends make fun of me, saying stuff like, "Oh you don't have the guts to..." and stuff like that, or "You're just not cool enough to..." My friends think its cool to do stuff that's risky (such as bringing illegal things like knives, bullets, gunpowder, screwdrivers, home-made molotov cocktails, etc.) to school. They never use the things they bring in, and the things like the bullets or the molotovs are either fake, or don't work very well. They like to bring in things that could get them expelled (like fake weapons/fake explosives) and I'm pretty sure one day they'll get in trouble, and I myself may get in trouble. A lot of guys at my school do pretty stupid stuff to impress girls (and it somewhat works), but my friends just do plain stupid stuff that doesn't impress girls, and I really don't know what to do. I don't even think what I said made since, but basically, I don't what I should do about my friends, telling them to stop hasn't worked, and my friends already think they have no chances with most girls, so they've kind of given up and don't care. I really don't know what to do. (Sorry for the long rant )

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