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Default Grandmother to claim abandoned girl

Grandmother to claim abandoned girl
Thursday Sep 20 07:16 AEST

The grandmother of a three-year-old girl abandoned at Melbourne's Southern Cross railway station is preparing to come to Australia to claim the child.

That follows the discovery of the body of an Asian woman in the boot of a car belonging to Nai Xin Xue, whose wife Anan Liu has not been seen since September 11.

Mr Xue is believed to have flown to the United States after abandoning his three-year-old daughter Qian Xun Xue at Melbourne's Southern Cross railway station last Saturday, five days after the last sighting of her mother.

Fears had grown for Ms Liu, 27, also known as Annie Xue, after her daughter was dumped and it emerged there was a history of domestic violence in the family.

Ms Liu's mother, Liu Xiao Ping, 53, was preparing to travel from Hunan in China to New Zealand for the funeral and then to Australia.

Speaking through an interpreter, she said her daughter was a good mother.

"She was a very kind, unsophisticated person, she was very trusting and naive and she didn't have much social experience," she said on ABC Radio.

"But she cared very much about her family, her child and her husband."

As the deputy general manager of a company which runs luxury hotels, Madame Liu said she could provide her granddaughter with a good life.

She said she was Qian Xun's only family member.

"She has got nobody apart from me and Anan was my only child and she is my only daughter I will do my utmost to bring her up," she said.

"She has called me grandma since she was very young. She has lived in my home in Hunan for over a year. Everyone in my family loves her.

"What she is going through now has no doubt left scars on her heart.

"The Australian government and people have given her great caring and support for which I feel very grateful. But it will take some time for her to recover and walk out of the shadow cast on her heart."

Madame Liu said she had provided her contact details to the Chinese consulate in Melbourne to be passed on to Victorian police.

But so far there's been no contact, she said.

"I am very sad and I hope that the police of several countries try their best to capture the murderer to avenge my daughter's death," she said.

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