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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by Broncos18 View Post
I'm 14 and when i masturbate, i feel so good. I make faces cause the sensation feels so great and i sometimes moan, im pretty sure thats an orgasm. During that it feels like semen is coming, but its more like urine. its clear and its kinda sticky, but its like watery and i thought semen was like creamy. can semen be watery. And why when im masturbating do i urinate if it is urine, is that normal?
Also, I may suggest peeing before masturbating, that way when you ejaculate your urine won't kill all your swimming sperm cells trying to reach your urethra.
And the dying of millions of sperm cells sounds bad, but don't worry as all it means is that it won't feel as good as when you normaly ejaculate.

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