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Red face Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

When i was on 4-5 grade, i start having oral sex with a friend (we don't know that it was bad or something), then i decide to tell him that we should stop doing it, because we understand that it was bad, not becuase we know the reason, we only know that it was bad.

Later on, in middle school, when i was in 2 grd. I experience my first masturbation thinking in that moments, so then i was starting to think i was gay, and it doesn't matter.

Know im 15, in 2 grd of highschool, i still think of him, and when i see other mans naked, i get turned on, so at this moments, i think i'm gay, because i was never atracted by womens, but im still "in the closet"
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