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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I found out i was bi when i was about 8-9 years old me and my best friend were explained the wonders of sex and how everything worked, so we started looking up stuff in the internet we always looked at naked woman's pictures and we always talked about when the other one masturbated and stuff like that. So one day we looked up porn videos and continued to watch the video after that we were both aroused and layed on my bed at that moment we started to feel each others faces kissed. I wont tell what happens next but you would figure it out...

I think he turned out to be straight well I don't really know because he did mentioned it a couple of time I always blushed and denied to talk about it. I myself feel attracted to woman and men.

Please don't laugh its the first time I ever tell anybody else. :/
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