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Default Re: i miss him and i'm jealous of her

to miritaku, theres no point telling him how i feel because even when he if he likes me back, which he seemed to have for a while, he doesnt want a girlfriend because he's going to be moving.

to liondb21, yeah, that makes sense. but its hard because we go to the same school and i see him in the halls and everytime i see him, especially when he's with her, it reminds me how i screwed things up and i wish she wasnt better than me in every way and i wish i could be with him and we'd be happy together and we'd figure something out when he has to move. we'd probably even last a long distance relationship. i've never met anyone so much like me.

i often think about how i was around him. he's one of the last genuine nice guys that i know. he's not lame kind of nice guy but classy kind of nice guy. he made me want to be good, and i acted like more of a good girl than i really was. not that i lied, but i was just more proper than normal. and i it was a good change from the last guys i felt like i had to act sexier around to get their attention, which sometimes maked me feel gross later.

but then again, i believe in fate and i'll just have to remember that it seems it wasnt meant to be. one day i'll meet a guy even more like me, only i wont have to act good or bad around him, i could just be myself and we'll match perfectly.
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