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Default The other day...

The other day I was round one of my closest friends house, we had been watching some porn and were discussing various puberty and penis related questions. We have already compared with each othr before, we both have similar sized penises however we are both a bit worried about various parts of our body for example he is unable to pull his foreskin back etc. So we comapre. We decided to compare erected penises for size and both began to masturbate in order to get full erections. I was very turned on and after prectically a minute of gentle masturbation I ejaculated, but didn't properly orgasm. The semen was clear an there wasn't much of it, which is normal for me. However my friend was shocked about the short while it took for me to masturbate an the "style" of my semen. So I was wondering, am I normal, my semen is generally very clear and I only release around a teaspoon if that per orgasm. I am worried, I generally take longer to orgasm (around 5-10 mins) but as I was so turned on I came early.

I don't what to do, and am rather worried to talk about it with him,
Any help?
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