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Default Re: Overheating for no discernable reason... D:

I am going to postulate:

1. Are you wearing new, different clothing styles? Like, if you're trying a new clothing style it may be hotter (not fashionably hotter) than your previous styles. This girl at my high school was wearing a turtle neck to try and be more European and she was sweating buckets.

2. Did you move somewhere new? I'm guessing no. If you did, you may have to acclimate to the new environment (unless you moved down the street). I move across the straight and it was much hotter in Kona so I was sweating quite often.

3. Unseasonably warm weather? Although you may not realize it, the weather may be a bit hotter than usual.

That is about all I can give. It could be medical, but I have no knowledge on that...

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