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Time isnt wasted on you(; time is well spent on you! I have no idea what happened or whats happening and its none of my buisness.
But you have a good purpose in life and its no where in Gods plan or anyones plan for you to cut yourself or attempt suicide. So just stop it! Cutting yourself obviously dosent help you because youre here venting! So why do it? Why hurt yourself when it doesnt help. Dont feel like no one loves you or youre being neglected! People are posting on here right? People are reading this, correct? So there is NO, absolutly no reason to feel the way you are feeling. Take a few breathes learn to breathe, talk to a therapist, talk to a friend, or family. Vent all you want. Do NOT hold it in! If you need to cry, cry.
Again i dont really know anyhing about you or whats been going on. Just try your best to not let it get to you. Find some stress relievers. Like running, just not in front of cars.
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