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It's not nescessarly that I see it as a bad idea, as I'm a little bit of an artist myself...

But the demand is too low. I'm sure no one will have a problem with her posting her art in the White Padded Room, will she?

We can even sticky a thread, and possibly if the thread grows...(The pictures, not the comments) we can create a forum.

It just makes a bit more sense. It's like someone creating a forum entirely just for pictures of themselves. But that forum wouldn't make too much sense, and that's why we would create a photo album, to organize them.

That's what I propose we do in the White Padded Room, and then possibly un-sticky a couple in there as well, as it's getting to "cluttered" in my personal opinion.

And, like I mentioned above somewhere, if this idea really works, and we see a high demand in the White Padded Room, then I propose we take action.

- Doug

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