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Default Re: Issue with laptop startup

Originally Posted by ValtasticallyTheBomb View Post
Latitude C610, PP01L, System Memory: 256 MB, CPU Speed: 1.20 GHz, Primary Hard Drive: 20005 MB
That's adequate enough to run XP. I was in a similar situation in one of my computer classes 4 years ago. Pfizer Donated a LOT of old Dell laptops to our computer program, and they ended up getting given out to the class. I started out with a Latitude CPx, which was 650MHz (Half the Speed of the C610) and 128MB of RAM, and a 12GB hard Drive. It ran XP well enough.

I eventually was able to trade it for a Latitude C600 which was laying around there, which had a 1.0GHz Processor, 256MB Ram, and a 40GB Hard Drive. I ran XP on that as well.

There's no question about whether or not it'll run XP. The one you have will. Sure, it's not be best hardware to have it running on, but if you plan on just using it for normal usage, like browsing the internet, writing papers, etc, normal school work, and whatnot, it'll be fine. You can't expect to play top of the line games on it, or install Vista on it, but then again, it was a free laptop, and you can't expect that.

If you want, and you can get a hold of an XP CD, you can install it on the computer, and test it out and see how it works. If it doesn't work how you want, you could always do something else. Just borrow a CD from someone if you can. You have the License, so you could even make a copy of the XP CD and be fine. The legality is in the License, not the Installation Media, so you don't have to worry about it being considered pirating.

I've even had XP Installed on a Laptop that was 266MHz, 32MB Ram, and a 4GB Hdd. Granted, you don't want to run it on something like that, but eh. It was unusable, but I did get it to install. The Memory Minimum is 64MB.

Minimum requirements for XP, which is listed on the Box, and MS's Website:

233MHz Processor (300MHz+ Recommended)
64MB RAM (128+ Recommended)
1.5GB HDD Space

Yours beats that in every category.

- Bill

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