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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by Doug Advueu View Post
yeah, i'me uncut which works for me. I like it better than the uncut way. jerkin off feels alot better.
Originally Posted by MRSPOILED View Post
Well I Am Cut Lol It Really Dosent Hurt At All When O Jack Off....i Think Its Better Then Being..uncut......buz You Can Go Wilder With Jaking Of/sex....if You Have A Cut Penis....becuz You Dont Even Have To Worry About The If You Have Any Question Message Me.

These threads always seem to deteriorate into the 'Mine's better than yours', which I suppose is just human nature, i mean, who wants to believe that what they've got ISN'T as good! But, as one who's experienced both, although there are differences (obviously), there is NO difference in pleasure.
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