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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
not so sure if this belongs in this category, but anyways, ive been hanging out with this guy for a while now. me and him and at least one other guy have been hanging out late every night for the past 2 weeks. i've known him for a little over a month. i know he likes me but he knows i dont like him back. he also knows how i react when someone touches me.

well earlier tonight, we were watching texas chainsaw massacre at his house. it was him and me and another friend on his sofa. well we were at the part of the movie where leather face accedentally chainsaws himself near his crotch when i said, "how does he keep going after her when he just chainsawed off his own balls?" so he says, "he didnt, he got himself right here" and puts his finger on my thigh. i slap him on the arm and hiss, "don't you fucking touch me!" I had my hand clenched in a fist. he was like, "i'm sorry, i'm so sorry. " i put my fist down and looked back at the tv. then he says to the other friend, "fuck. i touch her leg and she tears my arm off. i'm sorry. are you mad at me?" i keep my face calm and my eyes on the tv and i say no.

we end up watching scary movie 2 afterwards and theres a part where the girl says, "grab the chest" and the guy goes, "okay" and gropes her. my friend says, "if anyone did that to jane, she'd kill him." and i said, "i would" and the other friend said, "its not nice to grab a girl. i dont even grope my own girlfriend and we've been going out for 7 months."

when he dropped me off, he apologized again and said he felt kinda bad that he made me freak out. i didnt say anything because i was mad and i didnt want to say anything stupid. i wasnt too mad that he touched me because i guess it couldve been an accedent, even though i would never accedentally poke someone down there. i was mad because he was saying sorry, but also seemed to think i overreacted.
Meh, my motto, tits of GTGO, you failed girl sorry =/. Now he's not going for that prude ass. He might dig the other girl tho, least she puts out. You better hope you have a good personality.
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