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Default Re: Issue with laptop startup

Originally Posted by Blahages View Post
Well, you're going to have to use the one that corresponds to the license key on the bottom of the computer. If it says Home, you have to use the Home CD, if it says Professional, you have to use the Pro CD.
Gotcha- it's Professional

What's the Laptop Make/Model?
Latitude C610, PP01L

Do you know how to get into the Laptop's Bios? It should, when you first turn it on, say "Press [INSERT KEY HERE] for Setup" or "For Bios" or something of the like. Usually, the Key is F1, F2, or DEL.

In there, it should tell you how much Memory (RAM) you have, what the Processor (CPU Speed, in MHz or GHz), and the Hard Drive Size, in MB of GB.

If you could post that, I'll tell you if it'll run XP with or without any problems.
System Memory: 256 MB, CPU Speed: 1.20 GHz, Primary Hard Drive: 20005 MB
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