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Default Re: Circumcising your child

Originally Posted by Yuri The Commie View Post
* I guess I would wait until he was my age, and then let him make teh decision for himself. Whatever works.
ah not u wouldnt.

could imagine having something cut off ur dic at ur age...
when there a baby they cant feel it and wont remeber it.
i would do it tho..cuz when i masturbate i like to do certain things with my head, and u couldnt do these things if u were curcumsized.
i would want to give him the ability to do what he wants with masturbation.

weird reason i know....but masturbation is an important part of my life, and also like a billion other ppl. when i have the "talk" with my son when someday, im goona tell him that so he doesnt impregnate the school slut or get std's, he can masturbate, which doesnt eliminate urges, but helps.

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