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Default Re: Issue with laptop startup

OMG you are my savior!

Originally Posted by Blahages View Post
That blue screen, is this right?


Does the Laptop have an XP License on the bottom of it? If it does, if you can find the corresponding Install CD(Home or Pro) (Whether you have one, or borrow it, doesn't matter) you can install XP on it legally if the KEY is on the laptop.

I assume this shiny sticker with "Product Key: [insert a million letters]" is what you're talking about, so yes. What's the difference between Home and Pro Install CD's?

You can confirm that nothing is on the drive besides just the stuff required for boot by typing "dir" at the prompt. That way, you can see what's on the Drive. Likely, nothing besides, IO.SYS, MsDos.sys, and maybe Autoexec.bat and Config.sys, although, you probably won't see anything besides Those are the files needed to Boot, although the last two aren't required to boot, they are there on most systems.

Yeah, that's what happened when my mom typed 'dir.'

They likely removed it to keep information they had in their company away from whoever would get the laptop.
That sounds extremely likely. Lol they could've left a note or something warning us

My grandfather looked it over and turns out I don't have the memory/space to hold HP anyway, so before I do all of the above, I need some kind of upgrade or something which my mom is gonna look up....and I'm thinking I should take like a computer-savvy class b/c I feel so unintelligent right now lol
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