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Default Re: Issue with laptop startup

Originally Posted by ValtasticallyTheBomb View Post
Ok some people from a neighboring company just donated a bunch of laptops to my high school for kids to use, but I can't get the stupid thing to start

It's a Dell, and has a Windows(R)XP sticker on the inside of it. I turn it on, everything looks normal, the blue startup screen flashes for like a milisecond, and then it gets stuck on this page [it's all black]:

Starting Windows 95...

Microsoft(R) Windows 95
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1996.


I can type in it, but then I push Enter and it says "Bad command or file name" and gives me another C:\>_ [the underscore flashes, btw] If I just push Enter, it keeps making more C:\>_'s. If I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, it clears the page and starts over. No matter how many times I restart it, the same thing shows up.

Any thoughts?
That blue screen, is this right?

Basically, what it looks like they did, is they cleared off the Hard Drive, and just ran the "SYS" command on the drive using a Windows 95 boot disk. Basically the SYS Command just copies the basic essential files to make the computer boot to where it does, C:\>.

It's not a Blue screen, as in an Error screen. It's the startup logo for Windows 95.

Does the Laptop have an XP License on the bottom of it? If it does, if you can find the corresponding Install CD(Home or Pro) (Whether you have one, or borrow it, doesn't matter) you can install XP on it legally if the KEY is on the laptop.

Otherwise, You're going to have go buy a copy of XP or something, or see if Dell will send you a copy of the Factory Restore CDs.

You can confirm that nothing is on the drive besides just the stuff required for boot by typing "dir" at the prompt. That way, you can see what's on the Drive. Likely, nothing besides, IO.SYS, MsDos.sys, and maybe Autoexec.bat and Config.sys, although, you probably won't see anything besides Those are the files needed to Boot, although the last two aren't required to boot, they are there on most systems.

What you're seeing with the C:\> is the Command Prompt for DOS. DOS was what Windows used to run a top of, from Windows ME and Prior, Except NT versions.

Originally Posted by thesonicguy View Post
Will it's look like a old Windows 95 Update to a Windows XP SP2
Try putting it "RECOVER" or put in "C:\Documents and Seetting\Owner>Recover"
Ya and don't put in the "s
Or you can ask a IT.
Microsoft Windows 95 no longer sported so you may have to get a new laptop.
Windows 95 update to XP? What are you talking about?

They don't need a new laptop. The Drive was just cleared off (Erased) and XP was completely removed. They likely removed it to keep information they had in their company away from whoever would get the laptop.

- Bill

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