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i know exactly how you feel! but i'm a SENIOR! i comfort myself knowing if i wanted to be kissed, could just ask anyone because i know i'm attractive and people like me. but i have a very specific picture of what i want. i almost settled for less last year but i know if i dont really like them, than what is kissing but putting my mouth against someone else's? i dated someone who was less than what i wanted and it didnt mean a thing to me. i was disappointed that it wasnt magical like everyone says it is. but the only way for it to be magical is if you and the other person have that electric attraction towards eachother. so until i find someone who i share that electric attraction towards, i know that kissing, like dating, isnt going feel like anything, so theres no point. and theres no way to rush it so i'll just have to wait. you can't look for love, it has to find you. so theres no use in thinking about it.
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