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Question What are you guys doing to help with your OCD?

Ever since I can remember, I've had these problems. I used to blink a lot, because every time I blinked, it would have to do it a certain number of times. Then I started doing this weird thing with my nose, it's like that face you make when you smell something really bad, but I do it every few minutes. Then as I got older, I started to move. I didn't really think about it for a few months, but one night I was doing something weird to my calf muscle, and it HURT. My muscle was twitching and it felt like someone was just stretching it to the breaking point. Then a few days later, I did the same thing to my back. The sad thing is, I'm completely aware of it. I know when I'm doing it, but it's like this tension builds up and if I don't do it, something bad will happen. I'm too scared to tell my Dad, I don't think he'd believe me. So, how do you guys deal with your OCD, and how does it personally effect you?
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