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it sounds like your going though a .....i dont wanna say stage but....stage. what i mean is like ever teenager in the world has bad day and good days. their hormones are going all over the place. Your hormones are generally agrivated by something that has happened to you. So your life mixed with a ton of homormones can lead to a really really crappy day.

When my aunt died, i went to school and my friend critized what i was wearing an d i lased out at her screaming. when in reality i wasnt mad at her i was still sad about my aunt dieing.

advice to handel it...well i personally became a christian and that helped but im not trying to press religion on you so dont take it the wrong way.....i also whenever i was mad to the point of crying would think of all the good things i have....i was crying in a room so that means i am lucky to have a room....i was crying so that ment i had enough water to cry so im lucky i only have to walk downstaris to get a drink of water....i wearing clothes when i cry so that menas im lucky to have clothes...

compare youself to poor african kids who have to walk 20 miles to get water....who have no clothes and no house....focus your anger to the anger of why no one helps these kids...and go and do something for them...this always calmes me down and makes me feel alot it motivates me to give mony to charity....
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