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Default Re: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

She is dead, there is no chance that child is still alive. I'm not being cold hearted, just realistic. There has been DNA evidence found in the hire car the McCann's hired out 25 days AFTER her disappearance and it is an 88% match to Madeleine. Bits of her hair have been found in that same car along with some evidence that she had ingested a triple doseage of sleeping pills (enough to result in eath)

I don't think they intentionally try to kill her. I think that they wanted a quiet evening without any hassle from their kids who, according to Kate McCann's diary, were a handful. That diary also states that Gerry did very little to help with the kids. Imagine being a doctor with three very lively children of 4 years and under. Your husband does very little to help with them and almost no housework. Not a particularly easy or stress-free life. Put all of this together and you get an idea of how it went.
The family is on holiday. Kate and Gerry are exhausted. They want a peaceful night alone together without the hassle of lively kids bouncing off the walls. So they give all 3 kids a drink with crushed sleeping tablets (one child-size dose each) so they will sleep all night. But the twins decide they do not want their drinks and give them to Madeleine who happily drinks them. Thus leading to a completely accidental and tragic death. But, her parents can't allow this accident to be uncovered because they would lose their two other children and be struck off (both are doctors) so they try to pass it off as an abduction.

The British police force have been really involved for a while now and the DNA evidence from the hire car was brought to England to be tested.

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