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Default Issue with laptop startup

Ok some people from a neighboring company just donated a bunch of laptops to my high school for kids to use, but I can't get the stupid thing to start

It's a Dell, and has a Windows(R)XP sticker on the inside of it. I turn it on, everything looks normal, the blue startup screen flashes for like a milisecond, and then it gets stuck on this page [it's all black]:

Starting Windows 95...

Microsoft(R) Windows 95
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1996.


I can type in it, but then I push Enter and it says "Bad command or file name" and gives me another C:\>_ [the underscore flashes, btw] If I just push Enter, it keeps making more C:\>_'s. If I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, it clears the page and starts over. No matter how many times I restart it, the same thing shows up.

Any thoughts?
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