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Default Re: How do you get a circumsision?

I think the 2 methods are the Gomco clamp, which fits over the top of the penis and seperates the foreskin from the head, and in one swift movement snips it off.

The other way is with a PlastiBell, which works basically the same way, seperating the foreskin from the head, and the doctor snips the skin off with a scapel. The bell part that goes over the head stays in place for a few days to promote healing/prevent bleeding.

You can tell which one was used, the Gomco leaves a fairly round line around the penis, the PlastiBell, leaves the same brown line, but on the underside, there's a little 'V' the extends up from the middle, where the frenulum was.

It's a scary thought how they did it in the 1800's, without anesthetics, (I think that most civilized pediatricians and Obstretcians use Novocain now), without proper sterilization, and without those gizmos to minimize risk.

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