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No we don't need them the missle defence program would give america absolute power over canada we wouldn't be able to negotiate.

Americas greedy and drunk with power you want NOBODY to have any millitary, missles or nukes yet you have a TON of them.

Your all pissed off at north korea cause there making plutonium, just completly shocked flooored that they would do that! You have that whole "how dare you" thing going on america dosen't care about peace or cooperation. To be honest I don't give a fuck anymore your countrys your problem BUT america has been a complete ass to canada. We have allot of natural recourses that you need like soft wood lumber for instance america has very little soft wood its all hard stuff like oak......Have you ever tried to build a house with oak 2x4's.......Ohhh thats right america did have to do that when they tried to scare canada and mess up our trading agreements so we closed the boarder to all soft wood lumber, as I recall it didn't take long and america was bending over backwards to get the boarder open again.

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