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Unhappy Freaking out.

I don't know what to do,
I don't know how to cope.
I'm having panic attacks about EVERYTHING.
Finally when i start to finally reconize when i'm having a panic attack I start getting them everyday.
these last two weeks have been horrible.
I feel like i have no where to turn,
because i'm panicing about everything, friends, boys, family, school, myself going insane.
My hearts beating so fast.

I'm so dissipointed in myself.
I thought i was done cutting.
But the second I'm faced with someone who wants to be with me,
I start cutting again.
i hate this.

I have no hobbies or anything like that,
So i still havn't found something to replace cutting (well i replaced it with drugs and alchohal for a while)

I dont know how to deal with anything
and no, any suggested cutting tricks like "hitting yourself with a rubber band" doesnt work.

therapy hasnt worked. meds havnt worked.
I dont know what to do.

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