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Default Re: How do I come out?

Originally Posted by LxNearxHunny View Post
Okay, Im a 13 Year old boy and have been sexualy attracted to both genders for almost all my life. I want to come out, but i dont know how to. Its really difficult to tell my friends things like this, because im afraid ill be shunned for it and they wont talk to me anymore.

Any tips on how to come out? Preferably from someone who has already came out, in which case please say how old you were when you came out, and what you did.

I really want to get this off my chest, but im just afraid my friends wont talk to me anymore if i do. I know some people might say "Then there not your real friends", but there the only friends i have that go to my school. If there not my friends, then ill have no one to talk to at school at all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

well i came out when i was 13 (still am) (im male) i i only told one friend. however i didn't tell it to her face. i done it through msn, i asked her if she minded gay people, she said no and then i told her. and after tht i've told another 3 people
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