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Default Re: I feel theres no way out

I would like to thank for the support although I dont know how to deal with my problems right now a do not wish to do nothing and wait for them to fly away. My biggest problem is my friends becoing more distant as the days go by I am starting to see myself hanging around with people I previously wouldnt talk to if they were god! I want my old friends back butI get the impretion they dont want me. I was in PE today and started to make real progress in getting to know someone I have always liked if u know what I mean but there are 2 of his friends that are well dodgy and I dont want to go in to deep I seen it happen to my brother as soon as third year hit he went off the rails I dont want to end up like him he has turned into a right jakey after school. I just want more control over my life I feel I am being forced to change with things that really shouldnt change for everyones sake not just mine. I dont want to see my friends hanging with people who are not what most people class as sycologicaly intelegtual. They ar eboaring rude and most of all BULLYS!!! I need to take control but I dont know how but i have to before its to late.
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