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I thought I was leaving, I truely did. But I guess I didn't think that I would quit my last job and get a new one that has the opposite schedule of ben's. I didn't think I'd be home this much, and feel this alone. So I'm sorry.

Anyways, I'm starting a journal, just to keep writing, because I need some kind of outlet and this is all that I know.

Things are alright lately, money is still real hard but Ben also has a new job starting Monday. Today is his last day at the last one. He's been there two years just like I was, and the place just fell apart, Money problems again, haha, we couldn't get paychecks on time and then when we were given them they bounced, so we all had to cash them at the store, which meant you didn't get it till really late. I got a new job at JcPenneys and I like that much better, not as much drama at this one. I work in shoes so we are also always moving, all the other departments looked really boring, but not shoes. I like it alot. And I get paid more, and paychecks are secure, so I'm happy with it.

Today's my day off, so I'm going to do a bit of cleaning and later gotta go to my relatives house for a party fo my brother (Josh), He turned 10 on Wednesday, I went to my step-parents house and it was fun, we had cake, ate dinner, beat his butt in chess , when he went to bed I talked to my parents for a good two hours. That was cool, I haven't seen them in a while. They told me something about mom that really pissed me off. I guess she called last wednesday night, she doesnt't call thursdays and fridays because of her other job and she picks up josh saturday. So anyways, she called and was telling josh that "If Honey (the dog) doesn't straighten up by Saturday she's getting rid of her!" That totally pissed me off because she drops that bomb on a 10 year old boy when she doesn't see or talk to him for another three days! She knew he would be upset and she just left that for my step-parents to deal with. Plus, there's nothing wrong with the dog, she doesn't pay attention to it at all and she gets mad. She keeps her in a cage all day while she's at work, then when she gets home she walks her and lets her loose in the house, which is good, but she's still hyper, she hasn't seen anyone all day, but my mother barely talks to her, barely pets her, so the dog goes looking for attention. She tore a rug up, and maybe a couple other things, but if she was treated her right she wouldn't do that. My mother believes that the only way that dog will listen is if you yell at the top of your lungs, so thats really all she hears. You can't get a perfectly trained dog from the pound. But I guess thats what she expeceted. What's worse is that when they first got the dog my mother was bragging about her to everyone, she was saying how better she was then other dogs including my step parents, and so Josh loved that dog, and when he gets attatched she wants to take her away. She doesn't have control so she's making it so she does.

Wow, now I completely rambled, sorry.

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