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I don't even know if I'll be around long enough to have children. Scientists keep pointing out that impending doom is headed our way. If you live in the U.S., you're screwed, because of Yellowstone and the River Valley caldera (as well as other calderas in Nevada, California, and several other western states), and if you live anywhere else you still have global warming/ozone depletion and you have theories that we're headed into an unstable part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The poles are switching at a much faster rate than they're supposed, thus compasses will be rendered useless, although they are not a necessity, and all animals with interior compasses (i.e. most birds) will end up lost and probably die. With birds dying other animals will die, but its not just that, certain areas will have climate changes, thus certain plant life and animals will not be able to survive, and eventually humans will have nothing to eat, except maybe each other. Remember, this is partially a theory (scientists know we're headed into an unstable part of the Milky Way Galaxy, but there are two things they are unsure of; 1)When it will happen, most scientists estimate anywhere from 10-50 years from now; 2)Whether it will be bad enough, or whether the duration will be long enough to cause severe harm.)

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