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United States Poll:

1 What political party do you support?-republican
2 Do you consider yourself far right (conservative), far left (liberal) or independent?-independent, but sometimes conservative
3 Are you pro choice? unsure
4 Do you consider yourself open minded?-in a way. I know what's right from wrong, and I know my rights, may seem wrong to so many people, but that's because they don't understand that they are hurting our government.
5 Are you opposed to change?-Depends on the change! If it's something stupid to get some stupid right, then no way! But sadly people get their way! Now if it's something to help out country, yes, as long as it benefits everyone here, and also does not hurt other countries.
6 Do you support the War In Iraq?-unsure
7 Do you support the Obama Administration?-no
8 Are you satisfied with the economic state of the United States?- no at all!! People need to wake up, and take a look how our country is becoming these days!!!
9 Do you support the War on Terror?-I do not like terror attacks, so if they attack us first, then I am down for us attacking back, as it is self-defense
10 Are you tolerant?-to an extent, as long as someone isn't doing something stupid to hurt us, then I'm pretty okay, otherwise I can't stand what people are doing these days.
11 Are you Christian or do you believe in Christ?-Yes
12 If you answered yes to 11, then If somebody is not Christian do you see them as inferior?- I see them as a person. I do not judge people, because judging people just isn't my style, nor should anyone else be judged.
13 Do you think Barack Obama should be impeached?-I would want to see another president this election
14 What is the most effective form of government to you?-I don't mind our government, as I see nothing really wrong to it, but way to many people are abusing our freedom, which isn't cool at all.
15 Are you open to stem cell research? unsure
16 If the time came that the United States instituted the draft, would you support this decision?-I personally would not like it at all, but if it's what's best for our country, then I would fight for our freedom.
17 Do you think Gay Marriage, or civil unions, should be legal?-honestly I don't see it hurting anyone, so I honestly don't care.
18 Do you friends ever call you racist or narrow minded?-probably once or twice, but I don't try to come on that way, it's just that people these days try to find the smallest thing to call someone a racist.
19 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?-I dunno, a lot?
20 Who is your Representative?- ohh shoot, I dunno. hehe
21 Who is your Senator?- ohh shoot, I dunno. hehe

22 Are you male or female?-male
23 Are you a minority?-yes
24 How old are you?-15
25 Are you rich, middle class, or lower class?-middle class
26 What is your sexual orientation?-straight
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