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Originally Posted by kris22 View Post
Well my friend told me the more you wear boxers the more your testicals sag because the boxers allow gravitational pull on them and make them longer. Well ive wore boxers sence i was 5 and im almost 14. My balls sag alot i mean alot. Is there a way to make them sag less without wearing the embarrising underwear.
OMG ,LOL ,BULLSHARK!!! Thats BS man... First, underwear is cool because its more comfortable than boxers. I would rather wear underwear than boxers.
Second, you cant control how much your balls sag. Hot= sag low Cold= No sag.
Third and last, your friend isnt too bright. All things are pulled by gravity equally. They sag while wearing underwear, and gravitational has nothing to do with your balls sagging. Its all about how much your scrotum skin you have. the more skin, the lower they sag.

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