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Default Re: Qustion aboud Dateing

Originally Posted by XxNejixX View Post
ok... he trying to get a date not get laid. Yeah at the end of a date just before she leaves ask "Do you mind if i kissed you?" and if she is the one that likes the shy one like they are funny when their shy say like "Umm... well may i kiss you please (insert name here) youre cute (and or hot) and i wanted to" That a way to get it. She may even kiss you before you go in for the kill.
To put what he said in better English (the second part about if she likes you when you act shy; also note, its basically just my own variation of what he said)....: "Ummm... well do you mind if I kiss you, you look wonderful/beautiful tonight, and I just think it would be a great way to end an unbelievable night." It might sound kind of hokie, but hell, why not? If she really likes you she'll just straight out kiss you before you even get to the you look wonderful/beautiful/cute part. I'm like you too though. I'm very shy in general and even worse around girls. I always fumble my words when I'm around girls and I've never asked a girl out either. I'm still waiting for my first real kiss.

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