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Everyone goes thru puberty at their own rate, your friends rate is a bit faster/sooner than yours. At 13, though, I don't think your that far behind, hang in there, stuff will happen soon (I think girls get their period anywhere between 10 and 16, so there's a pretty big range).

Odors are hard to diagnose online. Everyone has a smell, and vaginas have a smell, too. And, during puberty, the hormones cause the vagina to develop it's own smell. The smell shouldn't be bad, though, it shouldn't be offensive. Maybe you're just noticing it becuse it's a new smell, part of puberty, not that it's offensive?

I think if there was an infection associated with the odor there would be other symptoms like a discharge, burning, maybe a fever, and a rather foul smell.

Maybe just a chat with your mom about puberty, some of the concerns you have, might answer some of these questions, and give you the info and reassurance you want. Go talk with your mom.
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