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Name: Jackson
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Default I feel theres no way out

I hate myself, i hate pritty much everyone around me and I cannot escape it. The incompeteant fools in school their laughter echos through my mind till i just want to say STOP! I want to go home Take off this uniform and leave the show But im waiting here because i have to know have i been gullty all this time.
The burdan of my life is crushing my soul killing my spirit making me feel all alone in the world. I feel like i am incomplete. I want more, and the only person who can help me acts like i dont exist. I might as well just tell him how i feel and suffer the humiliation of being publicly gay. That way maybe I would be noticed. My friends are becoming more distant as the days roll on. And I feel the seconds on the clock are ticking making me one day closer to death. I have nervous break downs reguraly and dont recover for a long time. Now i ask u this is a life such as mine worth living. I want to leave myself and be a somebody because im tired of trying to hard for others im tired of trying to be liked by being myself. Im tired of the concept of life. I nwant it alll to stop.
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